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Shared Perspectives (SP) is a way for spiritual clinicians to share our experiences, our perspectives, and our convictions about clinical spirituality and its organizational structures. Here spiritual clinicians — ACPE Certified Educators, Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors — can interact with one another about the clinical ministry movement and its developments and directions of the current health care and spiritual care worlds as we strive together to care for people in their troubles, difficulties, and tragedies.

To provide your input, share your opinions, and offer feedback to what is written here, please contact me through the Contact webpage.

21 Nov 2021,
Dear Gordon,

I found the Needs list very helpful, both personally and as a Listener. The four questions are easy to remember. The idea that the person’s outward state and spoken responses might mask hidden spiritual angst caused me to listen more intently or purposefully. “What is the true need here? Is there something deeper going on? Does this person even know?” I did not realize that so much of my own behavior was affected, even driven, by the loss of my younger brother. More personal exploration is required.
Joel Graves.