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Promoting Human
To Human Spiritual
Care & Education
Introduction to spiritual clinician education, concepts, descriptions and examples for professional caregivers in chaplaincy training. With the goal of seeing patients through the eyes of clinical spirituality and improving the usefulness of that perspective.

Clinical spirituality is a life perspective and method of care that continually seeks to listen first, deeply and extensively, to understand troubled people, to support, validate, and sometimes guide them through challenging life events.

  • Clinical – Spiritual care based on direct observation, objective perspectives, and honest, realistic hopes.
  • Spiritual – Concentrating on the partially visible human spirit as enlivening and sustaining us in times of physical and emotional challenge.
  • Education – Preparation of caregivers that promotes radical self-awareness that frees caregivers as much as possible from extraneous opinions, biases, and communication habits, through months of direct peer feedback on actual care efforts in well-supervised small group contexts
  • Flexibility in care and breadth of scope, focusing on the spirit of all humans, in the midst of a confusing array of religious and psychological systems, often teaching with excessive certitude about diverse views of a world of mysteries, most of which cannot be controlled.



Our Books

Assessing the CHARACTER of Candidates for National Political Office: In Search of a Collaborative Spirit (2024)
By Gordon Hilsman

Democracies worldwide could benefit from assessing the character of their top leaders before electing them. This book provides the groundwork for developing skills and processes for relationships that engage and challenge potential top political leaders about their character. It provides a brief history of the evolution of virtue language and uses that terminology proposing a closer look at the likelihood that political candidates will successfully and consistently serve the people in top leadership positions.


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